Welcome to Arnica Group Fulham

The Arnica group is a support network for parents led by parents. Its aim is to support families who want to adopt a more holistic approach to their health, whether they are already well versed in the subject or they want to know where to start, what it implies and where to get help to support their choice.

It is a not for profit organisation which doesn’t advocate a specific way to health even if the alternatives to allopathic medicine such as homeopathy are preferred.

If you wish to meet with local parents to discuss vaccines, antibiotics, good nutrition, natural remedies, etc. and the philosophy it entails, please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter and you’ll be informed of the talks and meetings taking place near you.

You can also subscribe to the Arnica Group newsletter directly on the website : www.arnica.org.uk

Please check here regularly for the next meeting date.

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