Heal the trauma first or the anxiety?

… why choose?

A frequent cause of anxiety is trauma. Distressing experience can have long-lasting repercussions on a child’s impressionable emotional and psychological state. The trauma can be a one-off event or a series of stressful situations. But the trauma could also be epigenetic (more on that in a coming blog).

The question is do you treat the trauma or the anxiety first?

With homeopathy you can at the same time treat the trauma and the anxiety, in a gentle yet effective way. Homeopathy can really have this transformative effect which will go far beyond using common coping mechanisms. The homeopathic remedies don’t have any side-effects which is paramount in the healing process, especially when treating children.

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Traumatic events change the brain

When witnessing a trauma, the consequences can last a few weeks or have a far reaching impact for years. If the anxiety your child is suffering from is due to a trauma, it is vital to understand that without being able to process the event, there won’t be any durable improvement of their symptoms, just merely implementing coping mechanisms.

A traumatic event will have a physiological impact on your brain, changing the synaptic connections and therefore the way the brain answers to stimuli. When the brain is impacted, there is a chain reaction and repercussion on neurotransmitters and hormone production. Some disease can then appear such as obesity, anxiety disorders, fatigue, etc.

For adults, drugs are often prescribed to help with the trauma and the anxiety. These prescribed drugs often have side effects, one of them being addiction… not exactly the outcome one would want. Doctors are more cautious when their patients are children. But in certain extreme cases, they might still be willing to prescribe drugs. Those drugs won’t erase the trauma or help the patients process it, they will merely control the symptoms of anxiety. In those circumstances, it is only a matter of time before the pressure cooker explodes.

Heal the trauma, heal the anxiety… for good!

Properly processing the trauma won’t mean your child will forget it, but it does mean that when they think about it, it won’t produce symptoms associated with anxiety such as panic attacks. Over the time, the aim is to heal both the cause and consequences.

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Many techniques can help dealing with the trauma and might still be necessary, but homeopathy is certainly a route to consider to ensure your child’s well-being and obtain long-lasting improvements beyond basic coping mechanisms. The trauma needs a release as it will still be engrained in the brain and the body until it finds a route to facilitate an escape. Thanks to its deep effect, homeopathy is a formidable tool to help the body accomplish that.

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