Unexplained anxiety in children, what if there is an answer?

There are many origins of an anxiety disorder and it will be different in every person. Trauma, vaccines (more on this in another blog) and a stressful environment are a few. But sometimes you can’t pinpoint a cause.

“I don’t know why my child has anxiety. There is no particular reason, but it runs in the family.”

Parents often tell me this in a consultation. It still doesn’t explain where the anxiety is coming from originally.

Recent scientific discoveries into the field of epigenetics could hold some answers.

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics studies the effect of our experiences in this life time and how this impacts the genetic makeup of future generations. It studies the genes expression.

A gene can be switched on or off. Some diseases passed on from generation to generation are not linked to the gene itself but its expression. What controls the state of the gene is… everything… our diet, the environment, toxins, the amount of exercise we do, our family bonds and of course life events.

If we could change the epigenetics of a person, we could find a cure for many diseases, including mental illnesses… That’s science fiction, right?

Science fiction? or maybe with homeopathy already a reality?

Hahnemann developed homeopathy in the late 18thand early 19thcentury. 200 years ago, he had already found that the effect of a disease can still be present even when the symptoms are just a memory.

He also discovered that those effects could be passed down to future generations.

This means that descendants often have a susceptibility to certain diseases linked to the one(s) their ancestors had. That is the theory of miasms, a concept that sounds a bit like epigenetics!

Thanks to homeopathic remedies, this susceptibility can be cleared.

I often compare the susceptibility to a road full of potholes. A ride on a road like this would be very uncomfortable. But if you fill in the holes, the journey is much smoother!

Homeopathic remedies can actually repair the potholes in the road, they can change our genetic disposition.

This is why homeopathy is such a great tool to deal with anxiety in children, especially when we can see that anxiety has run in the family.

Homeopathy targets the origin of the anxiety, in this case our genetic inheritance. This can free the patient, and also ensure that future generations don’t carry the burden of their ancestors.

Taking the next steps together

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