SM, SAD, GAD, EBD,… Your child is more than an acronym.

I was just reading a testimonial of a mother saying that she is tired of the doctor throwing acronyms at her while trying to give her daughter yet another drug to calm her anxiety.

That is a recurrent theme in my practice, parents complaining about doctors trying to find a box in which their child will fit. Once the box is chosen, there is a set of drugs from which to choose. This approach can’t be better than a plaster on a wooden leg or at best can only have a temporary effect… and you’ll be back to the doctor in no time with a new box for your child and a new set of drugs to choose from.

Tired of this? Want to find a long-term solution?

Homeopathy is a transformative approach and will not try to fit your child in a box. Each patient experiences anxiety in a personal way and for this reason, there can’t be a one size fit all approach. With over 500 remedies available to help with anxiety, a homeopathic prescription will always be specific for each individual, largely increasing the chances of finding relief from anxiety. What will be targeted directly are not the symptoms of the anxiety, but its cause(s). This is the only way to find a permanent solution to anxiety.

In the long term, your child deserves more than just drugs or coping mechanisms.

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Not another 10-minute-one-way consultation

You’ll be done with the 10 minutes appointments during which you’ll need to deliver as much information as you can, hoping that the doctor will manage to understand fully the difficulties your child is facing. To get a real shot at helping someone suffering from anxiety, a real dialogue has to take place between the patient/their parents and the practitioner. This will help determine what is the best course of action for the child. Instead of being told what to do, the parents will have an active role to play in the treatment. Being involved instead of being told makes a real difference in the path to a life without anxiety, both for the child suffering from it and for the parents trying to do what’s best to help them out.

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