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What is … Homeopathy ?

If you are more interested in treating the root of the problem than its symptoms, homeopathy is the right choice. According to Plato: “the part can never be well unless the whole is well”.

This holistic medicine has been developed more than 200 years ago by Dr Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). It takes into account the whole being, on a physical and emotional level. It is therefore a comprehensive, safe and gentle way to return or acquire a balanced state of health.

Because homeopathic remedies don’t have side effects, it can be prescribed for everyone, babies, mother-to-be, elderlies or any man or woman willing to have a natural and holistic approach of their health.

What is … a homeopathic remedy ?

A remedy is a highly diluted dose of a substance, vegetal, animal, mineral, or chemical.

For this substance to be healing, its picture has to match as closely as possible the whole patient’s symptomatology. But also it has to be highly diluted in order to cure and not to harm.

The remedy will stimulate the patient’s own energy so to help the body react in an orderly manner to what disturbs him. By triggering the response of the body instead of trying to bypass it, the indicated remedy teaches it to better react next time it is confronted to the same kind of disturbances. The body can heal itself, the homeopathic remedy is just a trigger and a teacher.

Remedies are therefore free of any toxic effects and won’t induce any type of addiction.