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CEASE Therapy

CEASE-therapy stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression. This individualized method has been put together by Dr. Tinus Smits (Netherlands) after having seen numerous cases of children damaged by vaccines and allopathic drugs.

Even if the name of the therapy only refers to the autism spectrum, this approach can be used for a whole range of chronic diseases (e.g. : ME, Fybromyalgia,…) , especially when the patient seems to always relapse or fail to get better even if given the indicated homeopathic remedy.

This method consists in a systematic detoxification of the toxins accumulated in the body and jeopardizing its balance.  But it also aims at finding the origin of the patient’s sensitivity to a substance.

This therapy is based on three components :

  • orthomolecular complements to support the body during the cleansing process
  • isotherapy which will trigger the detox and cleanse specific toxins
  • and a constitutional remedy helping strengthening the whole body system

The process requires patience and the active participation of the parents of the child being treated.

If you are willing to start the journey, it is important to allow a year of treatment before looking back and evaluate the progress made.

This treatment requires a close follow up on my part and a some research done about toxins present in allopathic drugs, vaccines, the environement etc and their side effects. A lot of my work will happen prior to and after the consultation, therefore a different fee will be assessed based on £35 per half hour. The time spent for a standard follow-up on the possible reactions to the treatment after consultation will however not be charged.

A questionnaire will be sent to you beforehand, it will help me go more quickly through your child medical history.

I recommend that parents interested in starting this process read Dr. Tinus Smits’ book : “Autism. Beyond Despair”. Another good start to understand what the therapy implies is to look at the blog of CEASE-therapy parents. You can find the link on the CEASE Therapy website :


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