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Homeopathy enables me to help children suffering from anxiety

Homeopathy enables me to help children who suffer from anxiety

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Unexplained anxiety in children, what if there is an answer?

There are many origins of an anxiety disorder and it will be different in every person. Trauma, vaccines (more on this in another blog) and a stressful environment are a few. But sometimes you can’t pinpoint a cause. “I don’t know why my child has anxiety. There is no particular reason, but it runs in…

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Heal the trauma first or the anxiety?

… why choose? A frequent cause of anxiety is trauma. Distressing experience can have long-lasting repercussions on a child’s impressionable emotional and psychological state. The trauma can be a one-off event or a series of stressful situations. But the trauma could also be epigenetic (more on that in a coming blog). The question is do…

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SM, SAD, GAD, EBD,… Your child is more than an acronym.

I was just reading a testimonial of a mother saying that she is tired of the doctor throwing acronyms at her while trying to give her daughter yet another drug to calm her anxiety. That is a recurrent theme in my practice, parents complaining about doctors trying to find a box in which their child…

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